Men's Vintage Haori Tsuru MitsuKashiwa Montsuki

Explore our Antique Haori for Men, crafted from 100% black silk 'Habutae,' adorned with the family crest Kamon Tsuru Mitsu Kashiwa. A genuine and unique Japanese treasure, combining elegance and history. Purchase this haori at for an exceptional experience

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  • Condition : refurbished

Men's Vintage Haori men's haori

Men's Vintage Haori Tsuru Mitsu Kashiwa

  • Origin and Materials:
  • Carefully crafted in Japan
  • Main Material: 100% pure silk for superior comfort

Unique Design:

  • Kimono Jacket adorned with the iconic Kamon Tsuru MitsuKashiwa (oak leaf)
  • Traditional Japanese culture motifs for an authentic aesthetic

Features and Dimensions:

  • Semi-lining in white silk for a soft feel on the skin

Ideal dimensions for Ninjutsu practice:

  • Height: 105cm
  • Shoulder-to-shoulder width: 60cm
  • Sleeve width: 33cm
  • Sleeve height: 52cm
  • Sleeve-to-sleeve width: 127cm

Period and Condition:

  • Heisei era (1989~), ensuring a collectible piece
  • Excellent condition, verifiable through detailed photos

Recommendations for Practitioners:

  • Designed for Ninjutsu enthusiasts and martial artists
  • Lightweight, comfortable, and durable, ideal for agile movements
  • An authentic choice for serious practitioners
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Men's Vintage Haori


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