Men's vintage Traditional Japanese Kimono Formal Black silk Katabami Montsuki

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Men's vintage Traditional Japanese Kimono Formal

  • Made in Japan
  • 100% black silk
  • Black silk lining
  • adorned with 5 family coat of arms "Kamon Maruni Katabami" (the Oxalis leaf)

Oxalis plant "Katabami" consumable with anti-inflammatory property is used in Japan to repel demons.

Description: authentic ancient japanese kimono 100% black silk men
once worn by samurai warriors under their "Yoroi" armor
No longer manufactured nowadays, this type of kimono is becoming increasingly rare, and unfortunately tends to disappear!
it is most often purchased by foreign tourists passing through Japan
Japanese men only wear it on rare occasions, wedding ceremony or other exceptional events.
As the purchase of this new silk kimono being too expensive, it is most often purchased in polyester, tetron
or even rented for the occasion

Maintenance: dry cleaning, silk requires!
Period: Heisei (1989~)

Use: respecting the martial tradition, in the manner of Japanese shihans, this kimono is to be worn as a keikogi and in addition to the hakama umanori Shima gray striped for the practice of Iaido, Kenjutsu, Batto jutsu
(on sale in the shop)


Delivered, wrapped in a "Kamon" gift paper ready to be offered!

Good general condition (Judge for yourself using the detailed photos)


Width from sleeve end to sleeve end: 133cm
Sleeve height: 50cm
Sleeve width: 32cm

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