Men's Vintage Haori Katabami Montsuki Meoto Iwa Ise

Discover our Antique Haori Meoto Iwa Ise for Men, an authentic black silk piece. Ideal for Ninjutsu, this reversible haori embodies traditional Japanese elegance

Reference: Meoto Iwa Ise Japon

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Men's Vintage Haori Arashiyama no Koyo

  • Crafted in 100% black silk with a kaki-colored silk lining,
  • this unique and authentic piece embodies the fading art of Japan.
  • Reversible, it can be worn in a traditional or modern style.
  • The delicately stitched motif on the lining depicts the rocks of the 'Meoto Iwa' couple and the bridge of the Shinto shrine in Ise, Wakayama province.
  • Adorned with five samurai family crests, Katabami, this haori boasts exquisite finishing for optimal comfort.Originally worn by samurai warriors over traditional ceremonial kimonos, this haori now finds its place in the practice of Ninjutsu. It can be worn over the Keikogi, complementing the attire of practitioners.
  • Paired with the striped hakama umanori Shima, it provides an authentic style for Iaido/Kenjutsu practice.

Care: Dry clean / Iron at 60 degrees if necessary.


  • Height: 109 cm
  • Shoulder to shoulder
  • width: 60 cm Sleeve to sleeve width: 124 cm
  • Sleeve height: 52 cm Sleeve width: 32 cm

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