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  • To know all about Ninja Tabi Socks

    339 tabi shinobi d e te made in japanNinja Tabi - All About Ninja Tabi Socks

    Stealthy and Functional Socks

    Ninja Tabi, a type of Tabi footwear, were once the essential gear for medieval Japanese ninja warriors. Designed for stealth, they were often black to blend into the darkness.

    These socks provided both comfort and functionality. Their thin soles allowed for silent walking, while their excellent grip made them ideal for slippery surfaces.

    Ninja Tabi were often paired with canvas gaiters, offering protection and support. Today, they have resurfaced in Japanese popular culture, from martial arts to streetwear fashion, providing style and heritage."



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  • Men's Haori

    Luxe antique haori soie noire kenkatabami montsuki tora oeil du tigre homme4All about the Men's Haori
    The Haori word which comes from Japanese literally meaning feather weaving (feather Ha 羽. Weaving Ori 織)

    The Japanese haori is a short knee-length kimono jacket with wide sleeves (see the photo opposite) and is traditionally adorned according to the models of 2,3 or 5 family coat of arms or samurai clan called Mon 紋, Kamon 家紋 or Montsuki 紋付In accordance with Japanese tradition, originally haori is made of hemp, linen or thick silk taffeta of high quality "Habutae" weaving.

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