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  • Fudoshin Spirit

    不動心FudoShin (Immovable heart of Fudo-Myoo).

    What is Fudoshin? What is the origin of fudoshin? What is fudoshin relation with Ninjutsu? we explain to you

  • Definition of Ninjutsu


    Ninjutsu definition:

    Before embarking on great explanations, it is important and correct to define the term "Ninjutsu" in its etymological sense.

    Ninjutsu consists of two particles Nin and Jutsu

    The first Japanese character Kanji Nin 忍 also read Shinobu 忍 ぶ which means endurance, perseverance

    it consists of two particles, the sword blade 刀 (To, Katana) and the heart 心 (Kokoro)

    The second Japanese caratère of Ninjutsu is jutsu 術 (the technique)

    At the only reading of the etymological sense of Ninjutsu, we can then think that the meaning of Ninutsu, is not only associated with the martial art "Ninjutsu" but has all the techniques to endure and persevere with the body and the body. 'mind.

    Now in connection with the "Ninjutsu" martial art, its etymological meaning has the meaning of being constantly vigilant in its own spirit and attitude, with the obligation to train one's own heart for endurance and righteousness, if we do not do not want to stop, stop and cut by the edge of the blade

    What is Ninjutsu?

    Ninjutsu or Ninjutsu (Ninja Art) is an ancient discipline of Kobujutsu (Ancient Martial Art) consisting of a set of martial techniques (with or without weapons), survival and evolutionary espionage to adapt and anticipate all situations of life to protect oneself from danger.Although it is falsely associated with crime and espionage, Ninjutsu does not consist in attacking men or taking away their lives without reason. The world of Ninjutsu is much richer and vast.

  • Ninjutsu Spirit

    Ninjutsu Spirit:

    what is the Ninjutsu Spirit ?

    "Know thyself, and know the universe and the gods!" Oracle of Delphi

    Control, purify your Ego & work for the higher self

    "不動心の日常で忍法一環 " 

    Without purpose, nor desire for recognition glory, profit & honor, practice every day not to glorify your ego and arrogance but for the Ninjutsu.

    Do not be disturbed by the desires and wickedness of ignorant people

    Practice and study with a pure heart and without attachment

    "There are many mountain paths but all lead to the summit to admire the moon"

    Life is short and precious, follow a single path. Yours. A simple, deep, correct and authentic way

    As the elders did, with sincerity and perseverance, let yourself be guided by the teachings of Mother Nature and devote your entire life to the path of Ninjutsu.

    Finally, let's quote the words of my friend Dr. Kacem Zoughari

    誠 の 心 "Sincerity, cultivate your sincerity and you will realize the ultimate truth that the manifest and the hidden are one .."