Tekkou 手甲

Tekkou ninjutsu dayagara noir coton bande velcroThe Tekkou 手甲 is a wide cotton protective sleeve covering the wrist or forearm, equipped with flap fasteners or a velcro band. Tekko is worn by practitioners of Ninjutsu and Ninjas to camouflage their hands and protect themselves during grabs and blocks. The traditional tekkou also covers and holds the end of the keikogi jacket of the Shinobi Shozoku, offering optimized comfort and ease of movement.

These gloves were used to protect ninjas from insects in summer and keep their hands warm in winter. They also served to absorb shocks during intensive hand-to-hand or weapon combat training. Their flexible material made it easier to climb trees and walls. On missions, they concealed the hands for discretion while reinforcing striking techniques. Cleverly, wearing tekkou allowed ninjas to stealthily conceal throwing stars such as Shuriken and Bo Shuriken, Kunai, and other secret weapons in their hands, adding a versatile functionality to this traditional accessory of shadow warriors

  • Dayagara Ninjutsu Tekkou black cotton Magic Tape

    100% black cotton, Checkerboard pattern, Velcro strap attachment. Size M & L  
    • 6 ratings.

    25,00€ inc. tax

  • Ninja Magic Tekkou Marugo

    Ninja Tekko Magic Marugo Material:100%cotton Available Color: Black, Nami Black, Blue Indigo Pattern: Wave...
    • 2 ratings.

    15,00€ inc. tax

  • Ninja Tekko 5 Kohaze Cotton Indigo Blue

    Ninja Tekkou 5 Kohaze Marugo Material:100%cotton Colour: indigo blue Closure: by 5 brass Kohaze fasteners...

    15,00€ inc. tax

  • Ninja Tekkou 5 Kohaze Marugo

    Ninja Tekko 5 Kohaze Marugo Material:100%cotton Available Color: Black,Blue Indigo Pattern: Wave...
    • 2 ratings.

    19,00€ inc. tax

  • Ninja Tekkou Black Sashiko Cotton 5 Kohaze

    100% black cotton in "Sashiko" style, 5 Velcro fastenings called "Kohaze." Available...
    • 2 ratings.

    39,00€ inc. tax

  • Soldes Tekko sashiko coton bleu marine1 Tekko sashiko coton bleu marine1

    Ninja Tekkou Navy Sashiko Cotton 6 Kohaze

    100% navy / blue cotton in "Sashiko" style, 6 Velcro fastenings called "Kohaze." 

    45,00€ 35,00€ inc. tax

  • Ninja Tekkou Wrist protection 4 Kohaze Marugo

    Ninja Tekko 4 Kohaze Marugo Material:100%cotton Available Color: Black, Nami Black, Blue Indigo Pattern:...
    • 1 rating

    19,00€ inc. tax

  • Traditional Ninja Tekko Wrist black cotton

    100% coton noir,lacet d'attache,taille libre a porter avec le Shinobi Shozoku  
    • 2 ratings.

    19,00€ inc. tax

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