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All equipment you need for pratice of Ninjutsu

On NinjutsuShop you will find a complete selection of NinjutsuGi, Shinobi Shozoku, Tabi & Jikatabi Kyahan & Tekkou from the catalogs of the most prestigious Japanese brands of Tokaido Karate, Tokyodo, Hirota, Mitsuboshi, Kusakura, Isami & Marugo Tested and approved by our team

For more than 10 years, we have worked closely with all Japanese equipment manufacturers and workshops Ninjutsu, to guarantee you 100% the best of Japanese quality at an affordable price.

18527879 1665204540185905 1481482130831720680 n 1Our ambitions and dual objectives:


You understand, NinjutsuShop, Japan's main mission is to offer you a sale at reasonable prices for quality material for your practice and good progress, but also to share with you our passion for Ninjutsu & federate all practitioners and organizations


Through our blog we will inform you of our news, share and exchange with you on the teaching and practice of our dojo and Bujinkan hombu dojo


This site allows us to keep in touch with all the French-speaking practitioners of Ninjutsu and the whole world In order to be able to exchange our experiences and knowledge, in the near future we plan to set up on our site a quality forum intended only for the practitioners and teachers of Ninjutsu, members of Bujinkan, GenbukanJinenkan and other organizations, serious dojos.

If you feel concerned, you are invited to participate.Feel free to contact us for any questions, requests for information about our products, partnership proposal and others.We remain open to any suggestions.If you like our site, because you can not place an order, you can always recommend us around you, and / or share our content and / or follow us on social networks.

We thank you in advance for your kindness.

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