Men's Vintage Haori Kimono Jacket Arashiyama no Koyo Kyoto

100% shiny black "Habutae" silk,Adorned with 5 Sensu Montsuki family coat of arms (War Fan),The pattern represents the autumn landscape of the red maples of Koyo in Kyoto's Arashiyama

Reference: Arashiyama-no-koyo

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  • Condition : used

Men's Vintage Haori Arashiyama no Koyo

  • Men's Vintage Haori
  • Very good Condition like new
  • Made of 100% shiny black "Habutae" silk
  • the lining is brown silk
  • reversible kimono jacket
  • The painted pattern The painted pattern represents the autumn landscape of the flamboyant red maples of Koyo lining the mountains of Arashiyama in Kyoto.Major must-see tourist spot.
  • Adorned with 5 Sensu Montsuki samurai family coat of arms (War Fan)
  • Comfortable
  • This type of haori was once worn by samurai warriors over the ceremonial kimono.
  • To wear over the keikogi, traditional kimono or any other urban clothing
  • Maintenance: dry clean / iron at 60 degrees if necessary

Period:Showa (1929~1989)
Shoulder to shoulder width: 60cm
Sleeve width: 34cm
Sleeve height: 51cm
Sleeve to sleeve width: 125cm

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