Mitsuboshi Ninjutsu Uniform black cotton " Made in Kuji Japan"

K-350 Pants and jacket 100% black cotton canvas, mid-heavy weight # 11, essential for the practice of Ninjutsu in the summer. " Made in Kuji Japan"

Reference: K-350-Mitsuboshi1

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79,00€ inc. tax

black ninjutsu uniform ninjutsugi ninjutsu uniform


Ninjutsu Gi Mitsuboshi

  • Made in Kuji Japan
  • 100% #11 canvas cotton
  • Traditional Cut Style
  • Black color
  • Weight: medium-heavy


  • High quality Japanese keikogi pants and jacket for intermediate and advanced level of Ninjutsu
  • obi belt not included for sale in the shop
  • Do you know Mitsuboshi (the three-star brand) founded in 1953 is the official distributor of Japanese clubs and universities
  • From Japan Ninjutsushop is the sole distributor for Europe of Mitsuboshi branded martial arts products
  • We offer you this Japanese Ninjutsu keikogi not found elsewhere at an affordable price.
  • Incredible at the price of 79 euros for 100% made in Japan
  • Resistant to seizures and projections
  • Light and comfortable
  • Keikogi adapted and recommended for the intensive practice of Ninjutsu in summer.
  • Worn in Bujinkan by some Shihans
  • We use it for our Ninjutsu practice and teaching.
  • Keikogi with excellent value for money compared to other Japanese brands Tokaido,Tokyodo,Shureido with rising price.

Size available:00 (110cm)~6 (180cm~)

Availability: ninjutsugi made to order after validation of your payment.

Expect a 3-4 week wait time.

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