Men's Vintage Haori Tiger VS Dragon

100% pure black silk, the lining is in golden silk, the stitched pattern represents the fight of a tiger against an imposing dragon.Made in Japan

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Men's Vintage Haori Tiger VS Dragon

  • Fully made in Japan
  • unique piece, work from traditional Japanese art
  • 100% pure black silk Habutae
  • the lining is in golden silk
  • The stitched pattern represents the fight of a majestic tiger (symbol of strength) against an imposing dragon (symbol of wisdom)
  • Kimono jacket adorned with 5 family samurai coat of arms Kamon Maruni ni Tachibana
  • Closing: to close it a white "Himo" tie cord is offered! (market value 39 euros)



Shoulder to shoulder width: 60cm

Sleeve width: 32cm

Sleeve height: 52cm

Sleeve to sleeve width: 127cm

Period: showa (1929~1989)

Condition: excellent like new (see photo details)

Feature: unique piece of Japanese traditional art, rare beautiful antique Haori, high quality silk reversible kimono jacket.

To display in your most beautiful interior or to wear over the kimono, samue or iaidoGi for the practice of Kenjutsu or other martial arts.

Also matched with any traditional or urban clothing.

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