Men's Vintage Haori Samurai Kamon black silk JINJA NO O BASHI


A exposer dans votre plus beau intérieur ou a porter par dessus le kimono,samue ou iaidoGi à la manière des shihans japonais pour la pratique du Kenjutsu ou autres arts martiaux.

Reference: Jinja no O bashi

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haori men haori man haori vintage haori

Men's Haori Jinja no Yama

  • Made in Japan
  • 100% pure black silk
  • Gray silk lining
  • kimono jacket adorned with 5 Kamon family coat of arms
  • The hand-painted motif represents a pond leading to a Shinto shrine and path located perhaps in the mountains of Kumano in Japan.



Shoulder to shoulder width: 61cm

Sleeve width: 34cm

Sleeve height: 51cm

Sleeve to sleeve width: 133cm

Period:hieisei (1989~)

Condition: excellent like new (see photo detail)

Description: unique piece, work of art of traditional Japanese culture, treat yourself to this rare magnificent antique Haori, reversible kimono jacket in black silk and high quality gray lining featuring a majestic pond leading to a Shinto shrine.

To display in your most beautiful interior or to wear over the kimono, samue or iaidoGi in the manner of Japanese shihans for the practice of Kenjutsu or other martial arts.

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