Men's Vintage Haori Takanohane Montsuki

Discover our Antique Men's Black 100% Brilliant Silk 'Taffeta' Haori adorned with the family crest Kamon TakanoHane (falcon feather). A true and unique Japanese treasure, combining elegance and history. Purchase this authentic haori at for an exceptional experience and to have a unique style

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  • Condition : refurbished

Men's Vintage Haori men's haori

Men's Vintage Haori TakanoHane Montsuki

  • Made in Japan
  • 100% pure fine taffeta silk
  • Semi-white lining
  • Single-layered
  • Adorned with 3 Takano Hane Samurai Family Crests Montsuki (falcon feather)
  • Good overall condition (please refer to the details in the photos)


  • Height: 105cm
  • Shoulder to shoulder width: 60cm
  • Sleeve width: 33cm
  • Sleeve length: 52cm
  • Width from sleeve to sleeve: 127cm

By proceeding with the purchase of this antique item, you acknowledge having carefully examined the detailed photos to form your own opinion about the product's condition. Furthermore, you agree that any requests for return, exchange, or refund will not be considered.



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