Men's Winter Sashiko Hanten Dobi Strip Black Navy

Explore winter elegance with our Men's Jacket Hanten Dobi Strip Sashiko, crafted with the authenticity of Japanese craftsmanship. Made in Japan, this jacket provides warmth and style, merging tradition and modernity. Face the cold with confidence. Discover our collection now

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Hanten Dobi Sashiko Winter Edition

  • An Authentic Japanese Creation for Ninjutsu Enthusiasts
  • Crafted in Japan with traditional expertise,
  • the Hanten Dobi Sashiko Winter Edition is a high-quality fleece kimono jacket,
  • lined for optimal insulation.
  • Composed of 70% cotton and 30% polyester,
  • it provides lightness, comfort, and welcomed warmth during the colder months.


  • Striped and dotted pattern, navy blue/black colors
  • Double-layered for additional protection against the cold
  • Ample and straight kimono cut for maximum freedom of movement
  • Equipped with a traditional closure lace (Himo)
  • Convenient storage pocket for personal items
  • Versatile use: perfect for skiing, hiking, or staying warm at home after a bath

Free size (165 cm ~ 175 cm)


  • Height 82cm
  • Width 63cm
  • Collar to sleeve end width 70cm
  • Chest circumference 80~104cm

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