Ninja Jikatabi Shoe 15 Kohaze 26cm

100% black cotton canvas, non-slip orange rubber sole with 15 "kohaze" fasteners

Reference: Rikio-15-26cm

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Ninja JikaTabi Shoe

Product Type:Japanese Traditional Minimalist Two-finger Ninja Shoe
Material:100% cotton canvas
Black color
Lining:ecru cotton

  • Finally on sale at an affordable price
  • quality jikatabi
  • Made of cotton canvas,
  • Lightweight and durable fabrics.
  • 15 "Kohaze" fasteners
  • Orange thick non-slip rubber sole
  • Rubber finish, reinforced toe caps.
  • Optimized ground anchoring during the race

to firmly and comfortably hold the pants of the Keikogi or TatsuBakama of Shinobi Shozoku
Use:Jikatabi with excellent anchoring and adhesion to the ground.
The rubber sole is made up of 3 layers allowing optimized cushioning
Recommended mainly for the practice of Ninjutsu outdoors on any steep and mountainous terrain.
Tested for you
Size: 26cm (41)


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