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Air Jog 3 Ninja jikatabi Shoe 6 Kohaze 26.5cm Marugo


100% cotton, canvas Black color Bleached cotton lining.Closure with 6 Kohaze brass ties.

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  • 100% cotton, canvas
  • black color
  • bleached cotton lining
  • Closure with 6 Kohaze brass ties.
  • adjustable on 3 hooking seam lines arranged over all the height
  • traditional Japanese minimalist ninja shoe with two fingers.
  • Chunky black non-slip rubber sole
  • equipped with an invisible integrated air cushion "Air Jog"
  • Shock-absorbing and shock-absorbing property
  • Optimized comfort and safety
  • Use: to wear for the practice of Ninjutsu

Size : 26.5cm

If you have a strong foot, take a half size above yours

How to correctly determine your Japanese size in CM?

To determine your Japanese size, you must first measure your feet
To start take a sheet of paper and a pen, then stand up and place your foot on the sheet of paper, trace your foot with the pen making sure that the pen is always exactly perpendicular (90 degrees) to the ground.
Measure the length of your foot from the heel to the tip of your big toe in centimeters and round to the nearest size.
For example, if your foot is 28.3cm you need 28.5cm, or if you are 28.5cm you will need a size 29 bootie.

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