Ninjutsu Tan Kyahan 5 Kohaze black cotton Marugo

Kyahan Tan Marugo 5 Kohaze
Type: mid-rise
Black color
Fastener: 5 "Kohaze" brass adjustable full height fasteners
Use: allows you to hold the bottom of the Keikogi or Tatsukebakama pants of the Ninja "Shinobi Shozoku" outfit so as not to interfere with the technical movements of the practice of Ninpo Taijutsu and thus guarantee ease of movement and optimized comfort
Size available:M,L,XL

 Size (cm)  A  B  C
 M  21cm  30~31cm  22~23cm
 L  21cm  33~34cm  23~24cm
 XL  21cm  35~36cm  25~26cm
 XXL  xxx  xxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxx

Dimension kyahan

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