Shinobi Shozoku

Shinobi Shozoku - Traditional Japanese Ninja uniform

Shinobi shozoku - Ninja Uniform SetFor sale in our NinjutsuShop, a selection of authentic traditional Ninja Uniform. The Shinobi Shozoku is the traditional attire worn by "Ommitsu" spies or shadow warriors, the "Ninjas". The authentic Ninja or Shinobi Shozoku outfit we sell in our shop is identical to the one worn by Raizo Ichikawa in the "Shinobi No Mono" movie. It consists of an Uwagi (Dogi) jacket, pleated Tatsuke Bakama (Ninja Hakama) pants, built-in Kyahan leggings and an obi belt, a "Fukumen" hood to conceal the face, an over-hood "Zukin", and a pair of "Tekkou" mittens. The separated toe socks Tabi or Jikatabi slippers are not included, but they are available for purchase separately.

Also available:

  • Deluxe Shinobi Shozoku HandMade in Japan

    Available in cotton, standard or premium polyester. Handmade in Japan by our artisans.
    • 3 ratings.

    399,00€ inc. tax

  • Iga Ryu Ninja Shinobi Shozoku Set "Made in Japan

    Made of black cotton & polyester, this complete six-piece ninja outfit embodies authenticity and...
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  • Ninja outfit Uniform Set

    100% black cotton, this Ninja outfit is lightweight and thin, ideal for agile and comfortable practice....
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  • Togakure Ryu Ninpo Shinobi Shozoku Ninja Uniform Set "Made in Japan"

    Quality 100% black cotton, Shinobi Shozoku or semi-complete Ninja outfit, designed for comfort and durability,...
    • 11 ratings.

    299,00€ inc. tax

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