Traditional Japanese Ninja Socks

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Discover our wide range of black Tabi Ninja socks made of high-quality cotton or polyester at affordable prices, specially crafted in Japan and suitable for optimal Ninjutsu and martial arts training at the dojo. Available in multiple sizes for both men and women, our Tabi Ninja socks feature a separate toe design that allows for greater flexibility, dexterity, and balance when performing barefoot techniques.

The Tabi is a traditional Japanese sock with the big toe separated from the other toes. According to the great master Takamatsu Toshitsugu, the Tabi helps protect and maintain healthy feet. In accordance with Japanese etiquette, practitioners are required to wear clean and hole-free Tabi for Ninjutsu practice at the dojo.

The premium 100% cotton fabric not only provides exceptional comfort during long training sessions but also its breathable nature keeps feet cool and dry. This prevents sweat buildup and slipping during "randori" fights or ninja walks. The material also allows for silent movements, aligning with the stealthy principles of ninjutsu practices.

  • Ninja Tabi Black Sashiko Cotton "Made in Japan"

    100 % black cotton black weaving rice grain sashiko.Closing by 4 brass fasteners kohaze manufacturing...
    • 3 ratings.

    59,00€ inc. tax

  • Deluxe Momen Samue Made in Japan

    Discover our Samue Zen + Tabi Ninja set, a perfect blend of tradition and modernity. Made in Japan with...
    • 1 rating

    118,00€ inc. tax

  • Shinobi Tabi

    100% black cotton coating & sole "Broad" weaving, fine fabrics (Sarashi) Made in Japan
    • 11 ratings.

    39,00€ inc. tax

  • Shinshi Ninja Tabi

    100% cotton, black lining and white sole available in thin (Sarashi) & thick (Neru) finish. Made...
    • 4 ratings.

    39,00€ inc. tax

  • Ninja school black Tabi "Made in Japan"

    100% cotton, 100% black lining & sole.4 Fastening with "Kohaze" ties.Made in Japan
    • 3 ratings.

    39,00€ inc. tax

  • Winter Ninja Tabi Socks "Made in Japan"

    100% thick cotton (Neru).Made in Japan  
    • 4 ratings.

    49,00€ inc. tax

  • Black Shiny cotton Hikari Ninja Tabi

    100% shiny black cotton.Made in Japan
    • 4 ratings.

    42,00€ inc. tax

  • Strech Ninja Tabi Socks polyester

    Made of stretch black polyester/cotton.Made in Japan
    • 1 rating

    35,00€ inc. tax

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