Ninja Tabi Socks for Men - 6 Pairs in Different Colors "Made in Japan"


These ninja-themed tabi socks for men feature ninja and shuriken (throwing stars) motifs, perfect for Ninjutsu enthusiasts and lovers of Japanese culture. They are available in five different colors: black, gray, white, green, and purple. Each pair features a separation for the big toe, providing better comfort and compatibility with traditional Japanese footwear such as zori or geta.

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Ninja Tabi Socks for Men - 6 Pairs in Different Colors


• Pattern: Ninjas and shuriken

• Material: Cotton blend with synthetic fibers

• Size: 25-27 cm

• Available Colors: Black, Gray, White, Green, Purple

• Quantity: 1 set (6 pairs)

• Origin: Made in Japan


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• Discount: 35%


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Additional Information:

These socks are perfect for daily use or for practicing Ninjutsu. Their unique design with ninja and shuriken motifs makes them an attractive choice for fans of this martial art discipline.

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