Men's Kimono Yukata Haori

Men's Haori

Made in Kyoto Japan

Material: 100% cotton, "shantung" weave

Black color

Available finish:

Traditional Closed "Kimono" Style "Ryokan" casual open style
Description: Japanese quality mixed haori kimono jacket Made in Kyoto, Japan Made of "Shantung" weaving quality cotton, which is more resistant than ordinary cotton.

Light and comfortable Equipped with four attachment laces (Himo) allowing it to be closed in the traditional way closed "Kimono" style or open "Ryokan" style Sleek style goes with any outfit

Use: worn in Japan in the "Onsen" hot springs and traditional "Ryokan" inn,

this haori is to be worn over the Yukata, Kimono, the jacket of a samue, a martial arts dogi or any other clothing of your choice

Size:free Height:38inch (96.52cm)

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