Winter Samue Enseki Gaisen Made in Japan

Discover the Enseki Gaisen Samue, an exceptional traditional Japanese garment meticulously crafted using ancient techniques from the Enshu region. Ideal for Buddhist monks in their daily activities, this samue provides warmth and comfort. The refined details and high-quality materials make it a unique piece. Immerse yourself in the authenticity and elegance of Japanese culture with this versatile garment

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Winter Samue - Enseki Gaisen - Made in Japan

Composition: 100% Cotton Outer, 100% Polyester Lining


  • Attached cords at the waist and kimono jacket hem.
  • Convenient pockets on the jacket and pants.
  • Zipper available for quick access.
  • Elastics at the sleeves and ankles for optimal heat retention.

Available Colors: Black, Navy Blue, Gray, Brown, Beige

Description: The Winter Enseki Gaisen Samue is a traditional Japanese garment worn by Buddhist monks in Japan for maintenance work, Japanese gardening, and at the temple. Carefully crafted using traditional techniques from the Enshu region, this samue is an exceptional piece. Local artisans use pre-dyed fabrics also sourced from the Enshu region.

The pre-dyed fabric used for the outer layer offers outstanding quality. The inner padding, made with Teijin's "Warmal" material, provides cozy warmth with its far-infrared radiation properties, making it ideal for cold winters.

The pure cotton lining reduces the sensation of cold. The jacket cuffs and pant hems feature an elastic design to retain heat.

This premium lined samue consists of loose-fitting pants and a Gi kimono jacket. Without a reinforced collar, it is not suitable for intensive ground grappling (Newaza) or throws (Nagewaza) in Judo, Jujitsu, Ninjutsu. However, it is perfect for relaxation, Yoga, Zazen meditation, as well as for practicing soft Chinese martial arts like Kung fu, Chi kong, Taichi, and Junan Taiso from ninpo, Shiatsu massage, Reiki, or other uses according to your choices and habits."

Size   your Heigh  jacket length Lenght
a piece of
 Waist size
M  160~170cm    75cm    30cm 70cm 100cm 70~88cm
L  170~180cm    78cm   34cm 72cm 105cm 70~95cm
2L  180~185cm    85cm   38cm 74cm 105cm 73~103cm
3L  185~190cm    88cm    39cm 78cm 120cm 100~123cm


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