Ninja outfit Uniform Set

100% black cotton, this Ninja outfit is lightweight and thin, ideal for agile and comfortable practice. It consists of 6 essential pieces for a complete Ninja attire at an affordable first price

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Ninja Uniform Set

  • Manufactured in Myanmar under Japanese license
  • 100% black
  • cotton Thin and lightweight fabric

Ninja outfit consisting of 6 pieces:

  1. Face hood (Fukumen)
  2. Zukkin hood with the kanji "Nin" 忍
  3. Uwagi, kimono jacket with the Japanese character "Nin" 忍 (Endurance, perseverance) on the chest
  4. One belt (obi)
  5. Ninja pants with integrated leg guards
  6. Pair of sleeves (Tekkou)

The pair of socks (Tabi) or Jikatabi is not included with this outfit, but a wide selection of Tabi & Jikatabi is available in the store.


This ninja outfit is designed for students with a limited budget and for anyone who wants to feel like a Ninja warrior. We do not recommend it for serious practitioners of Ninjutsu from the Bujinkan, Genbukan, Jinenkan schools.

It is worth noting that this type of "Shinobi shozoku" imitation is sold at a low price on the internet in non-specialized martial arts shops under the Google search term "ninja outfit." Although our store is dedicated exclusively to the sale of high-quality Ninjutsu products, for the sake of competitive transparency and not to exclude beginners, we are obliged to offer it for sale.

The list of differences is long, but what primarily distinguishes this imitation shinobi shozoku from our genuine high-quality "Made in Japan" Shinobi shozoku available in our store is that the tatsukebakama (traditional ninja hakama with pleats and integrated leg guards) is, in reality, just a simple pair of pants.

Available sizes: M, L, LL"

Size Your size Chest size Waist size
M 165~170cm 88~96cm 76~84cm
L 170~175cm 96~104cm 84~94cm
LL 175~180cm 104~112cm 94~104cm

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