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  • To know all about Ninja Tabi Socks

    Tabi ninjutsuTo know about Tabi Ninja socks.


    Japanese Tabi socks are a variety of traditional Japanese socks that are characterized by their division between the big toe and the other toes. They have a long history in Japan, dating back centuries. Tabi were originally worn with the traditional Japanese sandals called Zori or Geta.

    Tabi Ninja are a variety of Tabi shoes worn by ninjas, Japanese stealth warriors of medieval times.

    The Tabi Ninja were designed to provide both comfort and functionality during guerrilla and reconnaissance missions.

    Matching the color of Shinobi Shozoku, Tabi Ninja were often black or dark indigo blue in color to blend in with the darkness.

    They were also made with thin and flexible soles to allow them to be worn comfortably with the waraji, to have a better feeling of the ground, which allowed the ninjas to move in silence.


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