Jikatabi Ninja Saibu Noir 7 Kohaze

京都忍術不動心道場 基本型 Kihon Gata -Kyoto Ninjutsu Fudoshin Dojo japan

京都忍術不動心道場 このビデオに登場する私以外の外国人の方はLAより道場へ来てくれました。そして楽しい時間とみんなで英語を話すことを頑張りました。ありがとうございました。
The 11 May 2014 Video of Ninpo Taijutsu Kihon Gata Class
If you really want to learn the right technique of ninpo taijutsu
After visiting Kyoto is beautiful and interesting city of the old japan You welcome to train and have great time with us.
We speak japanese language,french,but english is ok.
See you soon.
Thanks best regards
Our Kyoto Ninjutsu classes is every sunday:
Hour:10H~12 AM-Fee 3000 Yen by class for not regular member or 8000 Yen for one month.
(The dojo is in front of kamigamo shrine,direct acces from kitaoji bus terminal)
Our blog:http://ameblo.jp/ninjutsu-japan/

初見良昭 Hatsumi Masaaki 忍術 Bujinkan ninjutsu jerome pailliette kyoto japan pailliette jerome kihon gata kihon happo

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