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Nihon Oshitsu Gara Men's Vintage Haori Mitsu Kashiwa Montsuki "Made in Japan"

100% black silk.The topstitched patterns on the lining, represent royal Japanese motifs.Reversible kimono jacket to wear for the practice of iaido or to exhibit.Made in Japan

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  • Very good condition like new
  • 100% black silk and golden lining
  • Reversible
  • topstitched on the lining, represent royal Japanese patterns
  • Kimono decorated with 5 Kamon Maruni Mitsu Kashiwa family coat of arms (oak leaf)
  • Closure: " Himo " cord, white or gold silk offered! (or color of your choice to select / or to communicate to us)
  • Comfortable
  • Condition: excellent
  • This type of haori was once worn by samurai warriors over the ceremonial kimono.
  • To wear over the keikogi and with the striped Shima umanori hakama for the practice of Iaido / Kenjutsu

Maintenance: dry wash / iron 60 degree if necessary

Height: 107cm (42.12598425")
Shoulder to shoulder width: 62cm (24.40944882")
Sleeve to sleeve width: 133cm (52.36220472")
Sleeve height: 52cm (20.47244094")
Sleeve width: 34cm (13.38582677")

  • Condition : new

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