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Men's Vintage Haori kimono jacket Kenkatabami Montsuki EBISU FUKU KOTOBUKI

100% black silk, the topstitched pattern on the lining represents the gods of joy, fortune and success EBISU

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Unique piece.Antique traditional clothing of Japanese art

Entirely handmade in Japan

100% pure black silk

Blue silk lining

Pattern:  topstitched on the lining represents the gods of joy "HOTEI", fortune and success "EBISU"

This haori has 3 kamon or samurai Kenkatabami family coat of arms 

reversible kimono jacket in high quality silk

Use: high quality silk reversible kimono jacket,

In Japan this type of Haori is worn by men on the occasion of the wedding ceremony and other official events, but also by artists, craftsmen and by the great Shihan saber masters of the Iaido during demonstrations EMBU



Height: 115cm

Shoulder to shoulder width : 61cm

Sleeve width: 31cm

Sleeve height: 52cm

Sleeve to sleeve width : 124cm

Period : hieisei (1989 ~)

Condition:  good except for a small hole and stain. See details photos.

Due to its imperfections due to obsolescence we are forced to have to sell off this haori of - 58% 

  • Condition : used

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