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Men's Vintage Haori Japanese Kimono Jacket Black Silk Kenkatabami Montsuki Tora Tiger

100% black silk.The hand painted pattern represents a majestic tiger on top of a mountain.Reversible kimono jacket to wear for iaido,ninjutsu practice.

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  • Made in Japan
  • 100% pure black silk with silver silk lining
  • Pattern: hand painted represents a majestic tiger on top of a mountain
  • decorated with 5 Kamon Maruni Kenkatabami family coat of arms
  • Closing with a "Himo" cord, white or gold silk offered! (Your choice to communicate to us)

Height : 93cm
Shoulder to shoulder width : 60cm
Sleeve width : 33cm
Sleeve height : 50cm
Sleeve to sleeve width : 130cm
Period: hieisei (1989 ~)

Condition: excellent like new (see detail photo) 
Description: Unique traditional Japanese art piece, rare beautiful antique Haori, high quality silk reversible kimono jacket. To display in your most beautiful interior or to wear over the kimono, samue or iaidoGi for the practice of Kenjutsu or other martial arts. Also matched with any traditional or urban clothing.

Free service: ironed, folded and wrapped in a "Kamon" coat of arms wrapping paper, you just have to offer it to the person of your choice. Note: after a little check on our site, you will see that our haori are in high demand and sold quickly because they are also on sale on our other stores and platforms Amazon, Ebay. A tip do not delay if this haori you please.

  • Condition : used
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