Men's Samurai Haori kimono jacket Ginkakuji Kinkakuji "Made in Japan"

100% pure black silk,Kinkakuji and Ginkakuji Gold and silver pavillon kyoto shrine pattern.Using for Iaido.

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Kinkakuji/Ginkakuji Men's Samurai Haori kimono jacket "Made in Japan"
Made in Japan
Material: 100% pure black silk
Golden silk lining rinzu
Pattern: Stitching on the lining of the "Ginkakuji" Silver Pavilion and the Kyoto "Kinkakuji" Gold Pavilion
This haori has 5 kamon or samurai family coat of arms "Sumitate Yotsume"
Height: 107cm
Shoulder to shoulder width: 62cm
Width of handle: 33cm
Handle height: 52cm
Width of sleeve to handle: 129cm
Period: hieisei (1989 ~)
Condition: very good
Feature: rare beautiful reversible kimono jacket in high quality silk
To exhibit in your most beautiful interior or wear over the iaidoGi for the practice of Kenjutsu or other martial arts. but also with city clothes for everyday use.

  • Condition : used

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