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Men's antique Samurai kimono Haori jacket black silk Takano Hane Montsuki

100% pure fine silk black.with 5 family coat of arms Samourai Takano Hane Montsuki (hawk feather)

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Origin:Made in Japan

Material: 100% pure black silk with Semie white silk lining

Pattern: 5 japanese familial crest Takanohane (falcon feather)


Height: 103cm

Shoulder to shoulder width: 61cm

Sleeve width: 33cm

Sleeve height: 50cm

Sleeve to sleeve width: 130cm

Period: hieisei (1989 ~)

Condition: good

Description: unique piece, for this antique summer Haori, quality kimono jacket in itself

To display in your most beautiful interior or to wear over the keikogi for the practice of  Ninjutsu or other martial arts.

Also matched with any city clothes, chic with jeans for everyday use. Himo tie cord in white color offered! (worth 35 euros)

  • Condition : used

kimono men's haori haori samurai

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