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Men's Antique Samurai Haori jacket

100% Black silk with 5 Umebachi Montsuki family crest,Chanoyu and Fujisan pattern.Using with keikogi

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Men's Antique samurai Haori Umebachi Montsuki Chanoyu FujiSan 
Made in Japan
Material: 100% pure black silk
Gray  silk lining
Pattern: Surprising of Chanoyu (ceremony of tea ) and Fujisan pattern
Height: 100cm
Shoulder to shoulder width: 60cm
Width of handle: 32cm
Handle height: 50cm
Width from handle to handle: 124cm
Period: hieisei (1989 ~)
Condition: very good
Description: rare beautiful reversible kimono jacket in high quality silk
To exhibit in your most beautiful interior or wear over the your keikogi 

 but also with city clothes for everyday use.

  • Condition : used


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