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Man antique Haori kimono jacket Maruni Takano Hane Montsuki Yama No Jinja

100% black silk,lining,pattern on lining representing a Shinto mountain sanctuary.Manufactured in Japan

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  • Very good condition like new
  • Protective wires to be removed     
  • 100% shiny black silk     
  • gold silk lining     
  • Reversible     
  • The stitched motif on the lining represents a Shinto mountain sanctuary     
  • Adorned with 5 samurai "Kamon" family coat of arms Takano Hane Montsuki (hawk feather)     
  • Nice finish.     
  • Comfortable     
  • This type of haori was once worn by samurai warriors over the ceremonial kimono.     
  • To wear over the keikogi and with the striped Shima umanori hakama for the practice of Iaido / Kenjutsu     
  • Maintenance: dry wash / iron 60 degree if necessary


Height: 93cm

Shoulder to shoulder width: 60cm

Sleeve to sleeve width: 130cm

Sleeve height: 50cm Sleeve width: 33cm

  • Condition : used

antique haori kimono japanese kimono haori

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