Chushingura Samurai Haori kimono jacket black silk for men

100% pure black silk,haori jacket with Samurai clan Chūshingura (47 ronin) Using with keikogi

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Chushingura Samurai Haori kimono jacket "Made in Japan"
Made in Japan
Composition: 100% pure black silk
Khaki silk lining
Original silk tie (Himo) available
Pattern: Samurai clan Chūshingura (47 ronin) is arresting a rebel
Feature: rare beautiful high quality silk kimono jacket with the samurai clan Chūshingura (47 ronin) as a reason to arrest a rebel.
Height: 105cm
Shoulder to shoulder width: 65cm
Width of handle: 33cm
Neck height: 51cm
Width from handle to handle: 132cm
Period: hieisei (1989 ~)
Condition: Excellent

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