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Yukata Kimono Haori jacket black cotton "Shantung" Made in Kyoto

100% black cotton "Shantung" jacket coated over the yukata,kimono or Ninjutsu uniform.

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Yukata/kimono Haori "Shantung" 

Manufacture in Japan

Material: 100% cotton weave "shantung"

Color: Black

Finishing available:

  • closed traditional "kimono"
  • open casual "Ryokan"

Description: kimono jacket h Aori mixed grade cotton "shantung" black, light and comfortable, with four tie shoelaces (Himo) to close the traditionally closed style "Kimono" or open style "Ryokan"

Use: a take home was out of the bath over the yukata or kimono as in hot springs Onsen wear over the jacket over Ninjutsugi,or samue or other clothing of your choice

Size: Free

Height: 38inch (96.52cm)

  • Condition : new



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