Men's Antique traditional japanese Samurai Kimono Maru Ni Katabami Montsuki Black silk

100% black,white and purple. cotton lining.5 Kamon Maruni Umebachi crest.good condition for iaido practice

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Traditional japanese Samurai Kimono Maru Ni Kyu Mai Sasa 
Material: 100% black silk
Lining: white
Pattern: 5 Kamon Katabami of Japanese Samurai family crest 
Feature: Authentic old Japanese kimono 100% silk black man
Worn formerly by the samurai warriors under their armor "Yoroi"
More made these days, this type of kimono is becoming more and more rare, and unfortunately tends to disappear!
It is most often purchased by foreign tourists visiting Japan
Japanese men wear it on rare occasions, wedding ceremony or other exceptional events.
As the purchase of this new silk kimono being too expensive, it is most often purchased in polyester, tetron
Or even rented for the occasion
Note: it has been 10 years since we work in close collaboration with the biggest collectors &
Kyoto kimono antique dealers
We carefully and rigorously select for you all kimono
Offered for sale in our shop
Except as specified in the description, we guarantee the quality and general condition of use
Use: to wear as for the keikogi in the hakama shima striped for the practice of Iaido or Kenjutsu
Maintenance: dry clean, silk compels!
Period: eisei (1989~)
Condition: very good
Kaku obi in option: silk or black cotton offered at a preferential price
Special feature:
This type of kimono is worn by the Japanese actor Toshiro Mifune (Sanjuro) in the film samurai
"Yojimbo" of the director Akira Kurosawa (see photos)


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