Men's Vintage Haori kimono Jacket - Japanese junk in The Moonlight

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Men's Vintage Haori kimono Jacket - Japanese junk in The Moonlight

  • FullyMade in Japan
  • 100% pure black silk
  • Creamy white silk lining
  • the jacket is adorned with 5 Kamon Mitsu Kashiwa samurai family coat of arms (oak leaf)
  • The pattern depicts a moored Japanese junk illuminated by moonlight



Shoulder to shoulder width: 62cm

Sleeve width: 33cm

Sleeve height: 52cm

Sleeve to sleeve width: 134cm

Period: showa (1929~1989|

Condition: general good, except unfortunately the seams of the sleeves of the interior lining at the level of the shoulders are unstitched about 10cm. To be sewn up (see the photo details) Due to this imperfection of obsolescence we are therefore forced to sell it off at - 83%

Description:unique piece of traditional Japanese art,rare beautiful and authentic antique Haori,high quality silk reversible kimono jacket completely handmade in Japan.

Use:Haori to display as a work of art in your most beautiful interior or to wear over the kimono, samue or iaidoGi for the practice of Kenjutsu or other martial arts.

Also matched with all city clothes, chic with jeans for everyday use.


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