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Black cotton Tokaido Ninjutsu Gi Uniform Kongo Sab Size 3.5 155cm

Made with 100% cotton,double layered,Indestructible,Heavyweight Traditional cut,Using for Ninjutsu training

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SAB "Kongo" Tokaido Ninjutsu Gi uniform set

Made in japan

Material: 100% cotton  (10,12oz) black

It will shrink by 2% overall.

Weight: heavy,double layered

Cut: traditional,longuer sleeves and pants

Using: for Karate,Kobudo and Ninjutsu practice

Size: 3.5 (155cm)

Dimension karategi tokaido 1

Taille dimension kimono karate tokaido sab kongo

  • Condition : new
  • Manufacturer : Tokaido

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