Black cotton Kurashikiya Ninja Tekkou 5 Kohaze

100% cotton black, 5 fastening brass with kamon crest

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Black cotton Kurashikiya Ninja Tekkou  5 Kohaze
Material:100%cotton "sashiko" 
Type of fastener: 5 brass fastener "Kohaze"

Pattern:checkerboard form and crest
Feature:the wearing of this pair of Tekkou protects the wrists / forearms against the striking technique "Atemi Waza" and avoids slippage due to sweat when performing techniques of firm grips "Tehodoki"
Size available:LL
Dimension kyahan et tekko ninjutsu ninja










 Size/ mensuration  (cm)






 S 小  xx  xx  xx
 M 中  xx  xx  xx
 L 大  xx  xx  xx
 LL 特大  11cm  24~25cm  18~19cm
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ninja wrist protection Ninja tekkou

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