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Ninjutsu Spirit

  • On 31/01/2018

Ninjutsu Spirit:

what is the Ninjutsu Spirit ?

"Know thyself, and know the universe and the gods!" Oracle of Delphi

Control, purify your Ego & work for the higher self

"不動心の日常で忍法一環 " 

Without purpose, nor desire for recognition glory, profit & honor, practice every day not to glorify your ego and arrogance but for the Ninjutsu.

Do not be disturbed by the desires and wickedness of ignorant people

Practice and study with a pure heart and without attachment

"There are many mountain paths but all lead to the summit to admire the moon"

Life is short and precious, follow a single path. Yours. A simple, deep, correct and authentic way

As the elders did, with sincerity and perseverance, let yourself be guided by the teachings of Mother Nature and devote your entire life to the path of Ninjutsu.

Finally, let's quote the words of my friend Dr. Kacem Zoughari

誠 の 心 "Sincerity, cultivate your sincerity and you will realize the ultimate truth that the manifest and the hidden are one .."

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